The surprise everyone was expecting.

The sandcastle Playstation I posted earlier was a behemoth. The girls in the picture were clearly hiding their fear and awe of it’s towering case and the iron fist of it’s Blu-Ray player. Thankfully, Sony has realized their machine isn’t meant to intimidate, so they’ve announced they’re cutting the price to a good $299 and slimmed it up a bit. Yes… the rumours of the PS3 Slim that have been around forever now have been validated. No one’s surprised, but with a 120 GB HDD and a Blu-Ray player for just a little more than a Wii, Sony has done something surprisingly un-evil. For anyone who wants a PS3 Slim, though, has to wait until Sept. 1st. You can also pick up a regular PS3 at the Slim’s price now, too. If you like that sort of thing, I guess.

EDIT: Turns out the PS3 Slim won’t have backwards compatibility. Sony found a way, like it always does, to add a huge annoyance to a great announcement.

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