Things you have to know before I go to PAX

I’m going to give my thoughts on a number of topics before I go to Penny Arcade Expo.

Entertainment Consumers Association sent me an email letting me know that they want to hear the positives of video gaming and gamers. If I go to their booth this weekend and retell a good enough personal experience on record, I’ll get two tickets to PAX East. While I’m still pretty awkward in front of a camera, I can admit I have a few nice experiences from video gaming- the weight I lost playing Dance Dance Revolution, the friends I’ve made in all-night LAN parties, and the memories of waiting in line for the midnight release of a video game (next time you hear Nintendo talk about midnight releases, get yourself right to the middle of the waiting line. The most considerate and fun strangers I’ve met are huge Nintendo fans). But even more than winning any prize, I’m curious as to what other people have to add to this. How gaming has affected my generation is spoken of ad infinitum, so hearing about it’s impact on a personal level is something I don’t want to miss.

WET looks like something Quentin Tarantino would make- the levels are separated by (I don’t know the exact word for this) old school film reel countdowns, the cut scenes are deliberately grainy with a brownish shade that gives you the feeling that you’re watching an old cowboy flick, and the main character is a woman assassin who wields twin revolvers and a katana and can shoot ’em up John Woo style. I want it.

Splosion Man has been out for a few weeks now, but it’s a really under appreciated game. It’s had great reviews, the platforming is excellent, the humor is great, and it’s only ten bucks. So why isn’t it getting some mainstream attention?! My brother and I have been playing it cooperatively for a little while now, so I thought we’d give it a little bit more of the love it deserves by posting a Youtube video. If my brother is too adorable for you, or my voice is a touch too handsome, you can watch one of my other videos. I won’t mind.

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