May 23, 2024

God, how cliche, right? Whatever. I’m only going to say a couple of things I’m thankful for, although this is far from the long list of people and things I’m grateful for. Consider this a condensed version.

My brother, Mike- His ultimately zen outlook on life and his unique capacity to listen intently without caring enough to judge has made him the perfect person to talk to when everyone else is driving me crazy. Despite being a pain in the ass snowboard bum who’s quick to laugh at my pratfalls and quicker to make a joke at my expense, he’s always there and for that, I say thanks.

My dog, Godzilla- I messed up on her training some, but no matter what, she was always happy to see me when I showed up. That’s a trait I can’t appreciate enough.

My problems- A funny thing to thank, but there it is. I’m thankful that the school, my family, and my friends are all stubborn challenges. Without these troubles, I won’t ever grow as an adult. And right now, I need all the problems I can get. I’ll have to pay taxes in a few years, and I know I’m not mature enough for that yet.

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