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Going to PAX!

So in a few weeks, I’ll be going to the most important gaming convention in this country for the first time. By that, I certainly don’t mean E3, I’m talking about Penny Arcade Expo. Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik describe … Continue reading

I need you all to do this one for me.

So the latest buzz with Google is it’s latest project called Caffeine. In theory, it’s supposed to speed up web searches and the returns more relevant to those searches. I’ve tried it out and haven’t noticed much difference, but I … Continue reading

The day in which I Twittered my Facebook friends with Xbox.

So recently, the Xbox 360 received an update. This is relevant to me because I own one of these machines, just as it’s relevant to the thousands of families across the country. But to those without a keen enough eye, … Continue reading

Stuck with Wireless, still Need Fast Internet

So anyone, as it turns out I may need to switch out my ethernet connection with a wireless one. Problem is, the antenna that comes with my old wireless adapter isn’t terribly reliable. I asked around, and it turns out … Continue reading

The Five Gaming Websites for everyone.

For whatever your gaming news needs are, whether they be the latest trailers and screenshots or the games that will be worth the money or the latest controversy, I’ve pulled together a list of websites that will let you know … Continue reading

More game-movies.

As I have said before, the idea of A-list actors voice acting in games is a point of curiousity for me. I’m not sure what I’m missing when game commercials use 50 Cent or Vin Diesel or Samuel L. Jackson … Continue reading

Cyberbullying is BS. (Or, confessions of a teenage cyberbully)

Actually, I have to admit that cyberbullying is a real threat to many kids today. But only because kids are really, really freaking stupid. Tell me- would there even be a problem if people weren’t as emotionally invested with computers? … Continue reading


Wheelman, as I suspected, is being widely panned as a bad game. However, the interesting thing is that it stars, let me repeat, stars Vin Diesel. To me, this represents an another interesting step that Hollywood is taking to capture … Continue reading

The moral quandries not found.

In honor of GDC (game developers conference), I thought I’d share some of my observations and insights into the games I’ve been playing recently, namely Fable 2 and Resident Evil 5. This isn’t a review, though. Everyone has already done … Continue reading

Oh my goodness, guys

GUYS…. Scot’s blog. OH MY GOODNESS. You all have to check this site out. Yesterday.