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Sometimes I Think About Money, Too

Being a person is hard work, occasionally. As a person I have responsibilities, all of which come with consequences if I follow through with them or don’t. One of these fun little responsibilities is called taxes. Yech. I’m just getting into … Continue reading

Nerds, please stop. Please.

There is nothing more potent or effective at raising one’s ire for nerds and geeks than listening to them talk when they think they’re around their peers. Maybe this is true for just about everyone, but what I find so … Continue reading

Penny Arcade Expo 2010 Day 1

I am becoming more aware of a sad truth of all big parties. When you have a weekend to spend with around 75000 people, it’s impossible to do everything, or be a part of every interesting moment. This has never … Continue reading

You are listening to this.

I think even if you don’t hold much stock in the artistic value of video games, I believe there’s something to be said about the music that’s being made for some of the big budget, triple A games that have … Continue reading

Non-3DS stuff I want to see at PAX

Why am I excluding Nintendo’s upcoming hand held console from this post? It’s not because I don’t want to share my thoughts on it, it’s simply due to the fact that news about it is being released about it from … Continue reading

Gamers: Apparently Classy Folks

At Penny Arcade Expo, there will be very few models in revealing clothing. In fact, they’ve been told that they aren’t welcome. It’s been common practice for PR groups trying to garner attention for their products at events like this … Continue reading


Damn. Christmas is here again. Not to imply I don’t enjoy the holidays- I do. I live in a place where the snow falls softly and thick wool socks are in abundance.  Christmas has always been one of the best … Continue reading

A copy of my blog entry on Destructoid without the idiotic typos

Pictured above: The fast-paced, action-filled, edge of your seat dialogue system in Mass Effect This is my first cblog, so I thought I’d start out by revealing something about myself: I love playing as the hero in RPGs. Constantly, incessantly, … Continue reading

Things you have to know before I go to PAX

I’m going to give my thoughts on a number of topics before I go to Penny Arcade Expo. Entertainment Consumers Association sent me an email letting me know that they want to hear the positives of video gaming and gamers. … Continue reading

The surprise everyone was expecting.

The sandcastle Playstation I posted earlier was a behemoth. The girls in the picture were clearly hiding their fear and awe of it’s towering case and the iron fist of it’s Blu-Ray player. Thankfully, Sony has realized their machine isn’t … Continue reading