Damn. Christmas is here again.

Not to imply I don’t enjoy the holidays- I do. I live in a place where the snow falls softly and thick wool socks are in abundance.  Christmas has always been one of the best parts of the year for me. But I doubt there are few who would disagree with me when I say that being with family can be emotionally draining (or in other words- it can suck at times). I’m in close proximity with a group of people who know my successes along with my failures I’ve hidden so craftily from the rest of the world. “Impossible is Nothing”? Please. Impossible is telling my mother I don’t like the hat she gave me.

So what to do this sort of situation? I suppose just try to make it work, put in the effort to understand each other, and it sometimes takes a LOT of effort. I try to do this, because I know I alienate a lot of people with my awkward social graces, extended periods of time spent on the Internet, and long, pointless rants on why Limiter Bracelets are a terrible anime cliche. I owe it to other people and to myself to try to understand other people before telling them why I’m right (and they’re wrong).

I say this because I think it’s not enough to just spend time with family during the holidays. You’ve got to use that time, too.

Merry Christmas, Mom.

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