I need you all to do this one for me.

So the latest buzz with Google is it’s latest project called Caffeine. In theory, it’s supposed to speed up web searches and the returns more relevant to those searches. I’ve tried it out and haven’t noticed much difference, but I think this beta test is more geared towards web developers and the like. What I’m hoping Caffeine will do is get a lot of people excited about Google’s projects. Maybe more people will discover what a great web browser Chrome is, or they could get excited for their upcoming operating system with the same name. Even if a few more people test out Google Squared or Audio Indexing, I think it will really help spur more growth from this behemoth. With all the talk of Google soon becoming a monopoly, I think some take for granted the innovations coming out now. After Microsoft secured it’s place on top, it never really needed to go any further. Vista and Internet Explorer, anyone? So if you like Google how it is right now, I beg you to help it keep changing. Test out Caffeine here

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